“Our” children in Athens go to school! That is why we launch
Send financial donations to the Hope for Nations bank account with variable symbol 0109, material
gifts are welcome too: coloured pencils, felt-tips, paints etc.
Contact: ludmila@c-r-s.cz 775 553 245

The school year is starting slowly and we are very pleased that also 2 children from our
Athenian families are going to have the opportunity to attend school in Greece. School
supplies are a really great luxury for families who have hardly any place to live; that is why
we want to equip the children by ourselves! Therefore, we launch a collection for school
Please send financial gifts to CRS’s bank account (No 2001727868/2010) or the Project
Hope for Nations’ account (No 2601742826/2010, IBAN: CZ0520100000002601742826,
BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX), with variable symbol 0109.

In case you want to contribute by material gifts, please contact us, so that we can prevent
doubling of some items! We want to completely supply two school bags at least, i.e. we
receive pencils, coloured pencils, paints for children, rubbers etc. The parcels should be
dispatched next week at the latest!

The contact person for this project is Lída Špoková, ludmila@c-r-s.cz or 775 553 245.
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