During the summer months we had a great opportunity to present our activities to kids and young people! We were invited to the Archa (CB Ostrava) summer camp and youth gathering of ČCE. We were talking about our activities, but mostly about the migrant´s stories. We wanted to present the journey and living condition of people on the route. 


Every single “trip” was enriching, I guess mostly for us! Kids and all of those young people were just amazing listeners, debater and fount of ideas. We sincerely hope they enjoyed it as much as we did! We also had an opportunity to have reflection of our activities, projects and dreams. Summer camp had a specific topic – Last train – Poslední vlak. They had been talking and discussing the story of so-called Winton´s children. Well we have kind of similar story to tell…

In The beginning of the school year we ere invited to ZŠ Morávka to tell students about humanitarian help for refugees. We had been talking about options in helping people in need, we had been talking about refugees´ kids and mostly we had been talking about acceptance of differences, human rights, discrimination and racism. It seemed that kids did enjoyed it a lot!

If you like to have our presentation, lesson or workshop even in your place: school, church, youth group, …. Let us know! Please contact:
Ludmila Špoková, ludmila@c-r-s-.cz, +420 775 553 245

Every single program is different and can be tailored to your need and interest!


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