Dear CRS friends! It is the third time already that we want to spend Sunday united in prayers for people […]
Remember Paul travelling to Athens? Ilona made such a journey shortly before border closures. Thanks to Ilona’s journey, we gained […]
Dear CRS friends, join us again in prayers! As we mentioned in our last call for prayer, the conditions there […]
During the time when we cannot take journeys, we have started making contacts with initiatives calling up for immediate and […]
Drazí přátelé CRS! Již potřetí chceme neděli strávit ve společných modlitbách za potřebné! Tentokrát bychom se chtěli modlit za naše […]
Advent candles´stories As we wait for Christmas, we would love to share our Clients´stories. Every single Sunday during Advent, will […]