We are Christians and lawyers who see an urgent need of legal, social, humanitarian and spiritual help for foreigners, especially those who seek international protection.

We provide or arrange help for refugees. Legal help is offered in migration law as well as in other law areas. Our activities include help with everyday problems and organizing missionary-humanitarian journeys. We arrange and provide spiritual support and aim to integrate our clients into society.


The reason behind the founding of CRS was a demand for an entity which would organize and coordinate comprehensive services for refugees, offered free of charge. For a long time, we have been involved in representing Christian refugees from China. This made us realize how urgently we need to become centralized and more effective and how important it is to cover costs and services, which we were no longer able to provide pro bono. We found out that when comprehensive, coordinated help for asylum seekers is not provided, an asylum request is usually rejected although it could end by a positive decision if the seeker was well informed and provided with qualified services.



Refugees are people in a difficult life situation. Without help, they often have extremely little chances for any change of their present state.



In the Czech Republic, there is now hardly any organization on a Christian basis that provides qualified help covering all the needs foreigners currently have— from legal, social and medical to spiritual ones.

What do we offer?

Our team

Mgr. Ilona Machandrová


Ilona currently works as a CRS lawyer and at the same time as an attorney, which she started practicing in 2019. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University and she specializes in asylum and migration law in her practice.

She dedicates much of her free time to missionary and humanitarian volunteering among refugees on the Balkan road. She started this in 2014 and to support these activities financially, she founded Hope for Nations Fund in 2016 (nowadays one of CRS projects). In summer 2018, she gained experience in functioning of JRS Malta. She is a vice-chairman of the Christian Lawyers Association.

Mgr. Ludmila Špoková

vice-chairman, lawyer

Ludmila graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University. In 2016, she started to work at Janíková, Novák and partners law firm. In addition to general law, she got there an opportunity to get familiar with the world of asylum and migration law. Now she works there as a legal trainee.

She gained valuable insights in asylum and migration law not only in Czech settings, but she was as well a legal intern in JRS Malta (summer 2017 and 2018), where she further enriched her theoretical
knowledge directly in detention and other migration camps. Nowaday she joins Hope for Nations journeys. Also, her master thesis was based on an asylum topic (Specifics of Transit Countries in the Common European Asylum System).

Mgr. Ondřej Novák



Ondřej is a lawyer at CRS and also an attorney, practicing since 2009. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in 2012. In 2016, he was awarded a prestigious prize Talent of the Year (3rd position) in a Czech competition Lawyer of the Year, covering all judicial fields. 

He is a founder of Janíková, Novák and partners law firm. For long, he has worked on asylum and migration cases in his practice.