Our knowledge, experiences and testimonies should by no means stay our secrets!

We also know the power of disinformation, media pressure and populism. Moreover, we

understand how uncommon area the asylum and migration branch of law is, and that

comprehending it is a really difficult task.

We offer:

  • lectures or workshops for the general public (covering our work, migration, migration law etc.)
  • short presentations or discussions on our work held for Christian communities (talks on missionary and humanitarian work done during our Hope for Nations journeys, introducing our activities etc.)
  • educational programmes for schools (workshops or discussions on various topics, adapted to the students and pupils’ age and specialization – asylum and migration law, migration, social problems of foreigners etc.)
  • sessions for specialists (mainly for lawyers, translators/interpreters, social workers etc.)


If you are:

  • school, educational institution
  • specialist willing to participate in our work
  • volunteer to be
  • church, parish
  • other community, group or association


… interested in more information about CRS and

  • work with refugees
  • our journeys to migration flow areas
  • asylum and migration law
… or you would just like to find out what “that migration and those refugees” actually mean, let us know at…
info@c-r-s.cz and we will contact you back with  an offer! We will be glad to contact you back with our offer of awareness‐raising and educational programmes!