What do we do now? Previous few months CRS was planning what to do next! We are still kind of […]
Join us! And pray for those in need! Situation in Greece and Bosnia got worse for refugees. Official camps on […]
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You are just amazing! Towels already serve people in need! Six hundred towels help in Covid period! Thank you for […]
During the Lent, we was able to walk to the Crosss together with our Clients´testimonies and oftenly experianced sorrows in […]
Due to Covid ragulations Kranjača camp, which we visited in the end of previous year (family camp close to Beograd), […]
Christmas presents on their way to refugee camps again! Just today, our team is setting off for Harmanli, Bulgaria, where […]
Project hope for Nations AUTUMN JOURNEY! It is impossible to sum up the autumn journey to Serbia in a few […]
Dear friends, we are here with news from our team on a mission journey taken as a part of the […]
Dear CRS friends, thanks to our visit to Greece, we have got information about a great program helping families. Theprogram […]